Reiki Healing Treatments



Distance Reiki or quantum healing, works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that all living creatures are connected, as we are all energy matter. This allows a person to receive the healing benefits of Reiki even if they are unable to be physically present.

The practitioner connects with the recipients bioenergy field, universal Reiki healing energy is channeled and instantly transmitted to the recipient. Reiki is able to transcend the illusion of time and space, meaning it can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time even past/future versions of yourself.  As such, invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link the Universal healing energy of Reiki to the energy field of the recipient and transcend Reiki healing energy to where it is most needed by the recipient. 

When the universal healing energy of Reiki flows though the whole body it creates harmony, healing recipients on a molecular level and releasing all chakra blockages. Reiki assists in bringing the chakras into alignment and promotes optimism, an overall sense of well-being, stress relief, emotional clearing, anxiety reduction, and much more! 

All Treatments Include:

A brief intake process

Auric cleanse 

Chakra reading

Chakra balancing 


Energetic chord cutting (As Needed) 


Mini Distance Reiki Session  (15 Minutes / $25)

This treatment is for existing clients who are short on time and need a quick energetic tune-up. During this session I will hone in on you and send you distance reiki that will help with grounding you and balancing your chakras. 

Half Distance Reiki Healing Session (30 Minutes / $50) 

This treatment is for existing clients who are short on time and need a quick energetic tune-up. During this session I will hone in on you and send you distance reiki that will help with grounding you and balancing your chakras.

Full Distance Reiki Healing Session (1 Hour+ / $100) 

This treatment is for all clients. For 1 hour you will receive healing Reiki energy which will work on clearing, balancing and activating all 7 of your chakras and energy field. Reiki energy will work through clearing energetic blocks and assist your energy body to flow freely.

Distance Reiki Pets/Animal Session (20 Minutes / $30)

Animals love Reiki! Reiki is ideal for pets because it is gentle and non-invasive. The powerful healing energy of Reiki can bring on a bevy of benefits for pets as well as their owners. Benefits for pets may include: Alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness and producing a state of calm. Increasing energy levels and overall well-being.

Distance Reiki Maternity Session (1 Hour+ / $125) 

Reiki during early pregnancy relieves many common discomforts such as exhaustion and nausea. Safe and gentle, Reiki will support the mother's body as she grows and changes, and can give relief to lower back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders and insomnia.

 Distance Reiki Fertility Session  (1 Hour+ / $125)

Reiki helps provide an energetically fertile site for a new life to be conceived by balancing the mental, physical and emotional self. It is a gentle non-invasive treatment that is safe anytime during your fertility cycle, pregnancy or, postpartum.

Distance Reiki Addiction Session (1 Hour+/ $125)

Reiki treatments can be extremely beneficial for anyone recovering from addictions of all varieties. Although Reiki should not be considered to be replacement for traditional treatments it can help the physical and emotional ailments of recovery.  

Distance Reiki Inner Child/ Creativity Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

This Reiki treatment helps you locate that lost and wounded inner child within you, and reconnect with and reclaim the abandoned parts of you, so that you can be joyous, curious, creative, carefree, trusting and vulnerable.

Distance Reiki Illness Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

Reiki is used for any condition or disease, since it treats and supports the whole person and helps to bring the person into balance. Reiki can be used safely to treat cancer, chronic disease and chronic pain. It is helpful prior or after surgery and helps to promote healing during recovery.

Distance Reiki Law of Attraction Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

By changing the energy that you put out, you can change the quality of the things, environments, circumstances, and relationships in your life. Reiki can help focus on the positive aspects and hone in on what the recipient is focused on attracting.  

Distance Reiki Manifestation Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

Reiki is a wonderful way to bring divine guidance into your life and to guide your manifesting process. Manifesting is a way to attract things and conditions into our lives involving a more direct use of the mind and psychic forces. Reiki helps facilitate manifestations.  

Distance Reiki Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

Spiritual awakening is a tremendous force of energy when combined with Reiki. It sends shockwaves down through you and out into the world as you reach new levels of ascension in your spiritual awakening.

Distance Reiki Past Life Session (1 Hour+/ $125) 

Reiki can be used to clear away or lighten emotional baggage accumulated during life's journey, and the energy opens the door to one's innate wisdom and self-transformation. One may be holding on to fears and traumas that have occurred in previous lives and have serious blockages not allowing them to move forward in this life time. 

Distance Reiki Spirit Guide Session (1 Hour+/ $125)

One of the many privileges of being a Reiki practitioner is the honor of working with Spirit Guides. Working with your guides not only enhances the overall effectiveness of your Reiki self-healing and spiritual awakening. 


Distance Reiki Crystal Grid ( ADD ON SERVICE / $20) 

A crystal grid specified to the intention for the recipient can be created for any of the sessions listed above.  Various crystals will be selected for you that will most benefit the highest good of the intention set fourth for the Reiki Session. 

Distance Reiki Box (1 Hour Weekly/ $35 Monthly) 

Mystical Mama Boutique has a community Reiki Box in which intention can be written and placed. For one monthly flat fee your intention(s) can have Reiki sent to them for an hour weekly. 

Reiki Smudging & Energy Cleansing Session (1 Hour/ $125) 


Spaces have the ability to hold energy and keep it stuck. Reiki and smudging are effective means of helping to release stagnant energies in your home, office, & vehicle. Smudging is a sacred ritual that many indigenous cultures have practiced throughout ancient history to eliminate negative and stagnant energy. Smudging helps rise vibrations, dispel negativity & assist raise the energy in the space.